About Me

I’m Suzanne Highland, a poet, educator, and wildlife rehabilitator living in Brooklyn, New York. When I’m out, expect to find a pair of binoculars in my hands. When I’m in, I’m writing about ecology, money, death and birds.

What’s the newsletter about?

“Newsletter” isn’t exactly the right word. Mortal Lives is a series of reflections on the many intersections of the human and natural worlds, and what we can learn there.

These writings are based on my experiences as a birder, researcher, and wildlife care manager working with the other New Yorkers, from hawks and gulls to opossums and warblers. I’m inspired by climate activists, Indigenous thinkers, and leftist organizers who seek to imagine a different, more harmonious balance between all beings on earth. If that’s not your thing, I welcome you even more.

Where can I find more?

You can visit my website to read recently published poetry and prose, including the latest: two new poems in Issue 8 of A Velvet Giant. You can also find me on Instagram, sometimes.

You can also go here to make a donation to Wild Bird Fund, the clinic I mention often in this newsletter. We are a nonprofit that relies on support from you, lovers (or soon to be lovers) of wildlife. Thank you.

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From pigeons to plovers and all the humans in between


Queer poet and essayist from the gulf coast living and birding in Brooklyn